Kratom – My Stress Relief Remedy

Kratom. Legal? Illegal? What’s going on with this weird supplement, this contreversial herb that the government, DEA, and citizens are going bonkers about. Bad, good, addictive, helpful. Yet still for sale in smoke shops around the country as well as on the Internet, the almighty web of course sells anything.

As for kratom, I first true it while on the road and a Swedish boy a mad friends with introduced me to it. It was just a powder in capsules and I was extremely skeptical. I did some VERY light researching and trusted his word enough to try it. I knew it was natural, you could not overdose from it, and you could drink it in tea. I was sold. One morning I woke up, opened up a handful of the capsules and emptied them right into my big cup of tea.n It tasted gritty and bitter, like someone had just thrown dirt into my cup. It took all of five to ten minutes to feel the euphoria sensation I had read about online. Colors got brighter, I became all giggly and smiley for seemingly no reason.


Typically kratom is used for stress reduction and pain relief. Others use it for other things, such as a sedative or stimulant depending on the dosage. But what the hell is it exactly? It’s a root, native to Southeast Asia, made from strains of Mitragyna Speciosa plants. There’s a couple of places where it grows (and I’m sure people have put it in places where it’s not supposed to naturally grow) so depending on what area your kratom is sourced from, each strain usually just has a slightly different taste, however they’re all still very bitter. It’s a distant relative got the coffee tree, which is why in some dosage it can act as a stimulant. There are plenty of other eddies such as allegedly an aid for opiate additicions or tonic for diarrhea. I only use it as a stress reducer honestly, I’ve never tried it as anything more.

So today I decided to try a new strain, BALI, to see if there’s much of a difference in kinds, I’ve only ever had traditional MAENG DA. How do I take it? With tea of course. If you know me you know I’m a tea snob and love the fuck out of a good cup of loose leaf. It’s preferred to take it on an empty stomach, however if you don’t it’s not the end of the world you may just get a tummy ache or dizziness. The important thing to understand about kratom is that even though the average reaction is typical it effects everyone differently.

Now for a short intermission. This is the portion where I leave my tiny laptop and drink my gigantic cup of kratom. Happy morning!

Also just a disclaimer, sediment is bound to settle at the bottom of your cup, you don’t have to drink to feel the effects that but if you don’t want to waste..simply add more water ( if that’s something you want to do)

DOSING- getting the correct amount so that you don’t waste or skimp is crucial. On a regular day, I do it right when I wake up, a level tablespoon equals about 6/7 grams which is a good amount if y9ouve taken it before, if not I recommend 3/4 grams which is about a teaspoon and a half – two teaspoons.

I’m going to throw down some back story context. So I love to smoke weed. Mary Jane and I are best buds (pun TOTALLY intended) however I need to lay off. She’s consuming my money and my day, although I still get stuff done its heightening my anxiety, making me lethargic, and like I said running through my spare funds that I really don’t have. Therefore, a tolerance break is at hand. I’m also out of weed anyways so I need an alternative. I’m not even done with this cup and I already feel like I’ve smoked a bunch of cannabis, which I haven’t by the way. Kratom will act as a substitute friend for the time being.

My green tea concoction worked out beautifully. how exactly do I take my kratom? Powder with tea. I brew a big pot of tea, sweeten it ahead of time, the sweetener takes of a bit of that bitter edge that turn a bunch of people away. The thing about most natural supplements is that they smell like the earth, dirt, bark etc. it’s because they aren’t masked by artificial bullshit.

This got all out of whack. This post is just a bit scattered but I think I still made my point. There’s just so many people I know that have never even heard of this herb, and they need to! I’ve had a couple new people try it recently and once they got past the gross taste they went out and bought more. I recommend running down to a local smoke shop and getting you some. It’s definitely worth it, and who knows how long it’ll be legal so scoop some up quick!


my personal experience

Sing louder

I haven’t ever published anything with me actually singing. This isn’t a very good video, I’m being very shy and conscious of the sleeping person in another room. 

I am making a conscious effort to sing more, louder, and share it. In person or viral. This will be the only blog to have these. Not YouTube, not Tumblr , Facebook, instagram, or Pinterest. Damn I hate how many social media sites I have. 

I do not like my singing voice. I really hate my standard speaking voice. However, the feedback I’ve gotten on the street and in the trees is positive so..

Here I am.

Soul meets body – death cab for cutie 

Accidental love 

In the tall grass, 

here we lay 

under the night stars 

so far a way. 

Making up 


in your arms 

I felt so small 

just so far 

from it all 

and if I could tell you my truth 

I’d tell you that you are everything 

I want and more. 

So I’ll tell you the truth 

you mean more to me 

than the moon and stars and the moon

Western society, patient. Yet again.