My fist fight with ulcerative colitis

Herbal books and second looks. Remicade, asacol, lialda, azathioprine, predinazone, salumedrol. I don’t care about the spelling of this artificial drugs. I no longer will be in the dark of the so called “life-savers”. With extensive research of herbs and a stress free life one can cure themselves of any ailments that your body brings forth. By keeping natural in all that you do it helps to further balance your of whack body. Trust me I know first hand. I’ve had UC since I was 12 years young. I’ve been in and out of the hospital, trying different drugs and pills but it was always still a problem. When I switched to a vegetarian diet, managed stress, and Aloe Vera, it subsided substantially. I’m currently researching any and all herbal remedies that could be beneficial to my condition. I plan to slowly get myself off of remicade so that I may live my life in the most natural way possible. I believe I can cure my ulcerative colitis even though the clandestine medical field says there is no cure. Take a second look, stop ingesting western pharmaceuticals and look to your mother to make you feel better. She will always provide with open arms. I will post another listing of all the herbs that have been helpful, each with deeper descriptions of all aspects. Take care of your temple, it’s the only one you have.


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