Feed Your Head

I care very vey much so about what I put into my body, as should most humans because we ingest a ton of toxins every day from fluoridated tap water to ammonia soaked meat. I view humans as tri-creatures. Body, mind and spirit. And I use this analogy to help others better understand my perspective; cars. You have the body, which is obvious, the physical being and where you are housed so to speak. The engine which is the mind, and the driver which is the spirit. So think of it this way, your being harvested in your mother and your brain is developing and getting your body warmed up for life. Such as turning on the engine of a car, body and mind. Then when you are born, driver gets in, and you journey on. So in conclusion, you need to keep up with your “vehicle” so you can keep on going until you die. Much like putting good fuel into your car and regular upkeep and maintenance, your body needs good fuel to live long and well. These are just some fuel my mates have made me that I’ve recently ingested ๐Ÿ™‚ top left: vegan tofu and quinoa tossed with veggies. Top right: vegetarian tater got casserole which had veggies and soy crumbles with herbs and seasonings. Bottom right: I actually made this one, blueberry apple jam made with balsamic vinegarette and organic blueberries from our garden. Bottom left: pitaya! Or more commonly know as the dragon fruit! It has a kiwi consistency and is not bad! It’s full of antioxidants and is of the super fruit variety. Ill let you know more when I dig further ๐Ÿ™‚ but keep to the earth and surf the green wave! Eating positive food makes for a positive mind!


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