“Natural” ? I think not.

“Natural” ? I think not.

Alright, anyone who is reading this supremely needs to be aware of what they ingest. It’s one thing to eat “healthy” by adding more veggies and what not, but if you are unaware of the food that is pre-made that one buys in a store of any kind, YOU NEED TO READ BRUCE BRADLEY’S BLOG. or just research. The term “natural flavors” caught my eye, as it did many others. So I looked into it, and found so many repulsive facts that I wanted to cry. The big food corporations are required to disclose any and all ingredients in a product, however, they are allowed to use any synthetic chemicals to enhance flavoring of any kind. So the term “natural” is a lie. It ranges from hair to bugs, to anal glands and man made chemicals that truly make you want more of these chemically enhanced foods. We sit idly thinking “oh natural flavors from the ingredients? i guess man i don’t care i love (insert favorite “food” here). But its not food, it dead alternatives to make our bodies slowly fail so that government beings can profit from our weaknesses. Being consumers that are in the dark = MONEY.


Watch this CBS 60 minutes clip on “flavorists”. Then go google it man. This is our reality.


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