Its been a while since I’ve been on the old laptop friend, and i lost my Itouch at Bear Creek Festival which was my created source of blogging so now im back! I trekked down to Florida to visit family, and i had some music with my name on it ๐Ÿ™‚ I went to Live Oak, Madison, and Key West. No where supremely crazy but it was lovely nonetheless. unfortunately due to external factors my trip was cut short and i ended up back at my parents house in Virginia Beach. So now my insomnia is back, i don’t want to work, and all i do is hula hoop. I’m planning out an extensive trip to dirt bag very soon. I wish i wasn’t going alone, but it seems that everyone in my generation is ready to leave or have ties that hold them here. Well my hot air balloon tether has been ripped out of ground by a tornado headed to Oz. Im going after the new year and my path will probably stay on I-10 for now. Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and all of the west actually are in my sights. I’ve seen the beach for 20 years, the glory of the mountain is calling me. If I don’t leave soon, I really feel as though I’ll rip all my hair out and give everything I own away. I know that in taking this sojourn alone, and letting my procrastination weigh heavy on me,that doing this will probably be the most solitary thing I’ve ever done. I am a train collision when I’m alone, but thankfully this will be a very mellow fast-paced life. I love a good oxymoron. I’ll feel time slowing as i constantly change scenery and fill my time with all that I’ve ever wanted to. No distractions, just limitless. And if I fail, this will be the greatest accomplishment of my life. oh to be infinite and journey on.


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