Sojourn for the Sun

So I have 340$ to my name. I’m selling everything I own, that is unnecessary for survival, trading out for camping and migration equipment. I’m selling my 200 honda civic and trying to get something I can lay or sleep in, with more cargo space. Since its christmas time, all I’ve asked for is nothing. I told the family, please return what you got me and if you really want me to have something, please let it be practical. This will be the last christmas I celebrate, only due to the fact that I don’t really associate with anything that holiday has to offer. Its become to commercialized and jaded by materialism. Any who, the reason for my chronic nomadica I have, is just the compelling urge to see what I’ve never seen. I need a different scenery, I’ve seen the beach for 20 years, and let me tell you, it does get old if you were born and raised in it. If I’m going to live in America I want to see what it has to offer before I leave this “free” country. I plan on staying on I-10 for the most part then when I come back it’ll be around May or so, which means I can go slightly north to see any other states I missed on my way back to VB. Although, I plan to find a home in another state, preferably more southwest than where I am now. So the only reason to come back is gather the few boxes I left behind, celebrate my 21st year, then pack the car up again and go. Mountains are calling. The mineral kingdom awaits. I’m off next year to find my sun, I’ll be a light warrior for a few months and devote my time and life to the earth, surviving, and the universe. Be here now. I shall.ย 


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