Heavy Eyes, Refusing to Shut

So ever since I returned home to Virginia I’ve become very close with our common friend insomnia. It departs and cycles back and departs again. This frequent break in my sleep patterns and rem don’t seem to effect me too much. At least I believe they don’t. Usually it goes on for about a week or so then one day I crash before the sun sets and I sleep for 14 hours. It’s 5:35 am right now and I know the sun will arrive soon. Melatonin and lemon balm were thoughts that crossed my mind, however I don’t want to induce sleep. I believe that if your mind doesn’t want to rest but your body is on the contrary, then let it run rampant while your physical chills out on a couch or bed. Sleep will come when its good and ready. The only problem with insomnia is time. It seems to go by so slow, and the constant need to fill it with doing activities is prominent. The moon is out though..what is there to do? I starting writing and man was that helpful. Clean something, pretend you can draw really well and paint a masterpiece. Creating is the best way to cure insomnia.


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