He is so far GONZO



So I’ve had a new obsession lately, and it’s with the infamous Dr. Gonzo. Or more formally known as Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. In the late 60’s and early 70’s he was a sports writer for ESPN but what made him stand out was his complete lack of formality in his ways of getting a story. His took a lot of drugs and drank a lot of booze. Not to mention the nicotine intake was enormous. Now in this time of the world, if a writer was to act in that manner in public such as Gonzo did, they would probably be taken in for psychiatric evaluation, or just arrested on site. He wrote about his experiences and his personal opinions on the assignments he was given. He did write about sports, oh yes, but his tactics and outrageous antics with psychedelics made him as famous as he is today. The whole point of this particular piece is that I’d like to take a page from one of the many books he wrote, and expand on my personal thoughts.  I plan on starting to read his novels and see what they bring to the table; I’ve only seen movies and documentaries and those aren’t enough.  So I am going to start writing, once a week at least, at least! My despising for screens will have to diminish because I want to write. I don’t care if I’m good at it or if people even read it, but I have some good stories to tell.  And damn it I will share them! There shall be messages from an indigo, speaking of strangers, audio-topia, and random recent research. i will write and write until my fingers cramp up. 


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