Messages from an Indigo- Beginning Analytics


This will be a frequent form of writing, since I consider myself a part of the collective indigo generation that has been sprouting up. These will pertain to the spiritual, metaphysical, occult, and all other taboo topics that not enough people address.  Strange ironies and coincidences that occur around me which aren’t just an accident, they were meant to happen and I was intended to notice and make this links between things for better understanding of strange phenomena as such.


Let’s talk about the “indigo” generation. I haven’t done too much research into it, but this is what I’ve come to logically and by word of mouth, what I can determine.  It is a new age of children, teenagers and young adults that are said to have an indigo aura about them. Psychics and superchildren with outrageous abilities such as night vision and telekinesis. Personally I don’t know what my aura color is but I do believe my sixth sense is heightened. Not claiming that I’m psychic or my ESP is crazy good but there are events that make me believe in my abilities. Have you ever thought about something so hard and said it to the heavens with all your gut and feeling? Then within 5 minutes or even over a period of time it manifests before you. That happens more often than not with me. I’ll give examples in another piece but I’ve started writing down all those occurrences. Synchronized and balanced, indigo ways are becoming the norm for a lot of sapiens. We are connecting back to our Earth Mother and it’s proving to make us happier. Yes drugs are being consumed, that’ll be another topic of discussion because I love a good trip story J

Even the word indigo seems accurate for my generation of humans. It’s very similar to the word indigenous. They more than likely have the same Latin root word or something. The humans that I consider “indigo” definitely are regressing back to nomadic, native, indigenous, earthly, harmonious ways of being. And I love it. Going back to our roots and bearing our feet on the ground. Rewire our thoughts to love and positivity. Heighten your awareness, and attempt to raise your frequency. Indigoes aren’t afraid to do it, we are the existentialists who have found inner peace with simply breathing.  We are the minimalists who have slashed down abundance and materialism. We know life is more about quality instead of quantity. and that money is so valueless that we chose to barter instead. Indie comes and indigoes. 


photo by Amanda Sage, an outta sight artist taught by alex grey. 


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