Messages from an Indigo- Triune Year


2013, how was it for everyone? pretty transformic in my opinion. For me it was by far the best and worst year of my 20 years of existence. I was living with an ex boyfriend, even after he cheated, and the only reasons being was that I was trying to show him I forgave him and i didn’t want my other room mates rent going up because I had just dipped out. So i was living with bad memories and stress for about 4 months, I had just quit a job that I absolutely despised. On that bright side though I had just gained a job that totally altered the course of my life. FRUITIVE! (in Virginia Beach, VA. amazing vegan cafe) so I had that going, and i had my dreadlocks which was a huge success in my eyes, for I had never thought I could pull them off. Needless to say I truely loved myself at that point in my life. I moved back in with the parentals. BOGUS. I became vegetarian/gluten free. BONUS. I had to commute to work. BOGUS. I had a second family there. BONUS. I went to my first festival fell in love with the culture and a human and had an incredible summer. I broke up with that human due to distance and anxiety and rebounded with a crazy virgo. broke his heart and moved in Key West, Florida with my dad. That went downhill very quickly. sank into the muddy sadness that is depression and moved back a failure to Virginia. I had no job, no friends (college), and no money. Hated my surroundings and everything to do with them. But with the help of my local spiritual center (the Edgar Cayce Center) I found love, light, and myself again. 

NOW! Speaking of Triunes. We as humans, in my thought process. are triune creatures, meaning we are third dimensional. we are time and space. this is the only place where patience is learned. SO! be that as it may, the number 3 followed me EVERYWHERE in 2013. Not so ironically it was the third year of the decade…So after that year I realized I needed balance. not the standard yin vs yang balance. A balance of the tri fold. Body, Mind and Spirit. and I did just that. So many different signs followed me when i asked creator for guidance or a symbol to help with directions. 


I had asked creator for a gemini mate. Last year I met 3 geminis, all with brown hair, named Justin. 

I asked for a better understanding of Virgos, I had 3 virgo conflicts that taught me so much last year. All were sex addicts, had lower back problems (blocked sacrum chakra), and wanted to control me in a different way. 

When I had rebounded after the summer, the mud grew thicker, 3 times after hanging out with my middle virgo, Animals ran out in front of my car, once a possum, another a raccoon, and lastly a fox. ANIMALS HAVE NEVER ONCE RAN IN FRONT OF MY CAR. EVER.

Things, were manifesting when I asked for them, i was so utterly depressed walking down the street one day, i was on the phone with a virgo and kept saying in my head and aloud, “car please just hit me, end this misery, come jump the curb and hit me” OUT OF NO WHERE a cyclist hit me, knocked me down and that was that. Be careful what you wish for, even though it wasn’t a car, something jumped the car and put me out of that moment of misery. Crazy. Too fucking crazy. 

Last year really was the year of the dragonfly for me. OH! and i forgot to mention, my dragonfly necklace I’ve been wearing since 10th grade…a wing broke off when I was with my summer love. I ended that relationship, cut off all my dreads and had an internal

Maintain your internal heights…even if they’re at an all time low. Light will shine again. 


photo by Jody Harvey Brown


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