A very old friend that just happen to awaken from a mid spring nap. Walking up to meet his multiple troupe mates, he happened to notice the cat sitting at a table. Reunion is so beautiful 🙂 playing ketchup and mustard at a local Starbucks,a car passed by and a human “woofed” at me, another car passed by and “meowed” at me. I felt it appropriate to wave. Stealing wifi is some how enjoyable. Now this particular friend was a freshman when I was a senior, he now is a senior and I feel so aged haha but its okay. Miro was a shy guy when I first met him, I always remember us hugging. He seemed to stick with the same group of kids throughout high school but it has turned him into one social petunia 🙂 The extrovert in him seems more balanced with his younger introvert. It was a pleasure to see him again



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