Jill of Circle Trades


Crafting is my trade. My hobby ever since I remember. Making old things into new things, plucking resources off the ground like rabbits out of a hat. I am addicted to circles, in any form. I love em. So after my dad sent me a mini dream catcher in the mail, they were just surrounding me, I inherited 3 or 4 more after that. Then one day it had broken down because of the 5 cats I have in my home. So I had to come up with a way to fixed so I learned to weave. before you know it I was making like a damn machine. Went on hiatus for a while then began again right after Asheville. Then I starting playing around with a compass from school, I was creating all sorts of stuff! My short term goal is to try to live off my trade, next goal is to make 1,000 origami cranes to have a wish come true and promote well-being, happiness, and abundance to all. Hopefully by way of barter and street performance I’ll be good! 🙂 


ps. there will be a post about BARTERING because it needs to come back around a little more, its such an underground thing. i would love for it to resurface!


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