Never Ending Story


Okay who doesn’t LOVE this movie?! Its not the greatest in animations and acting but nonetheless, convincing roles and a fantastic story line with morals that I personally hold close to me. Every human I’ve asked about this movie  barely remembers the actual plot to the movie. All they recall was weird animals and a horse sinking in mud. But the symbolism and metaphors throughout the movie truly impressed me.

If you haven’t read or heard of the COSMIC SERPENT: DNA AND THE ORIGINS OF KNOWLEDGE, by Jeremy Narby, go read it, you’ll understand the Oren symbol of 2 snakes eating their tails into infinity.

So my favorite themes include: Don’t underestimate what children can do, the symbolism of depression with Artax sinking in the “mud of sadness”, if you let the sadness take over you’ll keep sinking and sinking until the “mud” has you fully submerged, The Oren symbol of creation/omniscient sphinx as oracle, and the empress: how she was a creation of a story Bastian was telling, his mother was dead and he had to give her a new name, his mothers name (Moonchild). And she was a little girl probably because it was the easiest to relate to since she was gone, saw her as a friend he could save instead of a mother that he couldn’t help. And she was the highest authority in Fantasia, FUCK YEAH THE MATRIARCH!

ps. I think maybe his mothers name was Moonchild because she would have been born in the 60’s and potentially her sign was cancer? They’re the only one ruled by the moon, only a thought 🙂

well I recommend giving the movie the old second go around, once you get past the bad 80’s animation and sometimes soap style acting then it has much more depth than I ever imagined seeing as a child.


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