Speaking of Strangers~ Remi Martin & a “PC” Mr. Martin


So this is Remi Martin. She’s a show and service dog, from Chicago. She is a survivor of cancer, and is the friendliest dog. She is a suweet cuddle bug who will speak with anyone who crosses her path. Hailing from Scotland, a white golden retriever breed and usually she has long hair but considering she’s in remission, it had been shaved down and her tail cut off.. a few prices to pay to cheat death. Had some scarring on her upper left shoulder and below one of her eyes as well. Her owner, whose first name I did not catch, immediately started speaking to me..first topic of conversation was smoking cigarettes. the dialogue went something along these lines:

Him: Did you enjoy that cloud of smoke in your face?

me:  Oh..I didn’t even notice it. 

Him: Well you just didn’t seem like a smoker so I figured you didn’t like that.

me: Oh no no, I’m not a smoker your right, but my step dad and grandma are so I’ve gotten used to it. 

Him: Its almost insulting to those who don’t smoke don’t you think?

me: I agree it is rather insulting, but hey to each is own, I’ve come to tolerate it.

His dog at that point was cuddled at my feet as I began preparing my writing station. We went on to talk about the dog and then got on the subject of Obamacare. He was saying how not good it’s going to be for us “young kids” when it comes time to get off our parents insurance and have our own. He went on to explain how its not going to be affordable for the generations after him, the rates will triple and a lot of people apparently aren’t going to have health care.Now right when we first began to talk about the matter I told him I don’t have too much of an opinion on the subject because for one, I don’t enjoy politics and two my step dad always tells me how awful and crap it is so I would be biased. I don’t know much about Obama or his acts as president. I say we vote in an Environmentalist as president…but again I’m being biased. 

Although, he lumped me in with the younger kids, I had mentioned that I’m only 20 and he retaliated with “Oh well you i guess you do look 21 but your demeanor is that of a 30 year old.” I thanked him because I do enjoy a nice anti-agism comment like that. And he recognized my patchouli scent and was excited about it haha, but then again who doesn’t get excited when they smell patchouli? I know I do.

A nice stranger he was, and I didn’t even need to initiate the conversation! Nice man, nice pup.  

ps. he told me to show this to my step dad and watch it myself, said I’d love it, so I’ll share it 


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