In Light, In me


Edgar Cayce. An out of sight psychic as well as channel for the source. People thought he was a nutcase. Nope, he was just SUPER in touch with his higher self. But back in the 30’s that was a supremely taboo trait to have. I really just want more people to know about him, and I’ve been working on research of him and his readings on certain topics such as karma, dreams, the soul, body and mind, health and diet, meditation, sacred geometry. I’m working on planetary sojourns, colorology, and potentially numerology (although I’m not sure if he had many readings to do with numerology). I want to know why he felt Virginia Beach was so safe and sacred. Living here the 17 years that I have, I get it, but on a grander scheme I don’t get it at all. Of all the amazing spots he chose this lame tourist trap (that’s a whole new post). It does have its perks but I want to know what was so great about this place in the 1930’s that he built his head quarters (the ARE) here.

My current theory on the matter is that it has an ideal spot on the earth’s electromagnetic grid, something along those lines seem like the most logical explanation for it. I might post some words on Edgar Cayce’s readings on different subjects but I’ll have to go through my insane notes and make it so everyone outside of my head can comprehend what I was trying to get across.

On the flip side, after the series of unfortunate events I had attempting to live with my other parental unit, this place, the ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment) has absolutely 100% saved my life. It helped me find me, whatever God head I chose to believe in, and guided me to comprehension of those unanswered questions we all want to know.

So check out this link below if you want some more bio on the man himself, history and what have you.  He is a wonderful man.


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