One Wicked Show

So I went back to my graded daze and I saw a musical where the freshmans when I was a senior were the leads who put on quite a show. I was really involved with theatre and high school so it was pleasant to see familiar faces. Even though it was an unfamiliar place (they rebuild the school last year and I hadn’t seen the news). I saw a lovely spectacle called The Wizard of Oz

Underage-lings scavenge to the northern seats, where there weren’t more humans behind them so they could small talk and tell jokes without many ears hearing. They were the furthest from the show that they could be, one couldn’t get much further, except maybe the Merry Pranksters. Endless wall to wall chatter before those house lights flicker in anticipation. Whistles and shouting, “HEY, we’re sitting here!” I panoram the whole room, different levels at all inches of naked eyesight. A jail bait couple sits appropriately close a row or two ahead of me. They whisper shameless nothings back and forth, cupping their hands around the others ear and smiling that puppy love smile; laughing about the inside joke that only the two lovers get. Typical audience murmur “oops, excuse me, I’m just sitting right over there, thank you”. As you awkwardly scoot past a stranger, getting too close for comfort. Has everyone found their seats? Right on cue the lights flicker, I check my pocket time. 7 pm on the dot. PLACES. Lights down. The show will go on.


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