PART ONE: To the Heart of the American Dream


So I have be asking people what they think the american dream is, a vast majority of them say it doesn’t exist, is unattainable, or unrealistic. Honestly I don’t have any idea what it is, we shall Google it of course and see what our local electronics say. I would like to report on the matter and figure out my own theory.

The digital web tells us this:
American Dream
the traditional social ideals of the US, such as equality, democracy, and material prosperity.

That one was straight from Google.

the ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity traditionally held to be available to every American.
a life of personal happiness and material comfort as traditionally sought by individuals in the U.S.

the American Dream: the notion that the American social, economic, and political system makes success possible for every individual


WELL! first of all, we are not all created equal in this country. All the negative “isms” (racism, sexism, etc.) are still among the population, its just a bit more underground than it was a century ago. And even though we claim to be a democratic society, I do not feel that this is a country run by its people. It is run by the 1% of rich white collar heads that remain above us all feeling superior because they have more “wealth” than the rest of us. We don’t even really chose our own leader, they listen to our opinions, yes (popular votes), but in the end whoever is on the electoral college for each state has the final say and if they want someone different than what that state wants, we all know they DO NOT hesitate to pick their own kind. And as for material prosperity…FUCK THAT. We do not need to prosper materially, we need to minimalize and focus on the true essence of happiness. i.e. loving thy self and neighbor, taking care of our earth that we have disrupted to the point of cleansing (natural disasters), and spreading light to whomever seeks it. We think we need to have THINGS to make us happy & that ideal is so solid in our heads that we created a business specifically to hold all of our “prosperity” (storage units).

As for freedom, we are not a very free country. You want to be free and build something on territory you have already bought and own, RED TAPE RED TAPE RED TAPE. sorry you have to pay the upper heads more money and waste a few trees to do that. Feel like leaving this “free” country? RED TAPE RED TAPE RED TAPE. sorry gotta buy a pass to leave and waste some more trees. You want to grow a plant? NOPE, you’re going to jail and costing civilians their income that they worked to get only be robbed of a third of it because you planted a seed in the earth. NO ONE OWNS THIS PLANET, IT IS BEYOND FARFETCHED TO PASS LAWS SAYING WE CAN NOT PLANT CERTAIN THINGS INTO THE EARTH. they’re all just terrified of the outcomes. they want to keep us quiet, dumb and blind so they can remain in power of us.

And in that last definition it claims that the “system” is supposed to be helping us achieve whatever our hearts dreams are. But it really seems as though are putting up road blocks where ever humanly possible to keep us from straying from their plans for us. Like an angry parent who is forcing us into an arranged marriage when we already have love for another human.

All Americans have dreams, I’m sure. However, do they have the motivation and willingness to do anything it takes to be that rock star or CEO? I’m not sure about that one its subjective at this point.

Well in my opinion, considering all the malarkey they put us through, the american dream has pretty much faded into an out of reach ideal that only comes remotely close when one feels they are truly successful in life. From this cat’s eyes I don’t think anyone is as satisfied with their life as they could be. And I blame that “system” that is supposed to work for us. WE WORK FOR THEM.

ON THE FLIP SIDE: There is a growing number of people under 30 going after the dream they want. People usually refer to this group as hippies. But hey we are the new generation of baby boomers and the love movement has begun again!! I propose to take a journey to the heart of the ones who chose to flee the system and forge their own path. Those who do not need that hourly wage to get by. I am going to the heart of the American Underground known as Festy Kids. Festival goers, train hoppers, hitch hikers, gypsies, rubber and leather trampers, UNITE! Much like Dr. Thompson when to see what the dream was all about, I think he might have been chasing a lost cause. He thought it was pretty fucked too. So I will enthrall myself in this world for the summer and see how truly happy this humans are outside of the ever popular system that screwed them over on their dreams, so they decided to go off grid a bit.

I will expose hippies for what they are; not just a bunch of dead heads doing drugs at a concert. It is its own whole family and community. Ill have just moved into the coolest suburbs I can ever dream of.

I’m feeling very inspired by Dr. Thompson, I just don’t know if I’ll do all the psyches. But I will report about them! I’ll be story telling about those I’ve met with they’re outrageous experiences on psychedelics. If I chose that route then I’ll certainly report my own findings. But due to some physical and mental trauma, not too many mind altering substances will enter my temple. I love you and cannot wait to begin.


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