Certainly Something BIG



We missed the turn probably twice in a row and took 3 u turns to get us to the damn venue. This is why we shouldn’t put too much faith into our technologies. We finally found some spots and walked on up to High Rock Outfitters. The Owl knew who was at the door so we were in before we even went inside. He immediately is mingling with everyone. Me being the newb, I just lingered around shaking hands and exchanging intros with humans. The band got up on stage and all the cats in this joint were standing, ready and clapping.

“How’s everyone feeling tonight?” Lead singer Nick Macdaniels asked the crowd, who responded with hollers, cheering and smiles galore.

“We are BIG Something from Burlington, North Carolina” and started playing A Simple Vision (I believe that was the song).

Everyone was getting their boogie on, it was a pleasure seeing how happy this band made everyone. I don’t think I saw one human standing still. The least amount of movement was someone just nodding their head. Granted, the music was flowing through everyone in that place.

Two far out sets later, we all were feeling good and still bouncing around the place, and socializing like we do. The music finally came to an end, but that crowd was NOT having it. Everyone was screaming out song names and saying to play one more song. Most of the band had gone upstairs already except for one or two of them. Since the audience was getting so rowdy Nick grabbed his mandolin and told the crowd to yell louder so the other members would come back down to play an encore song. They reunited and proceeded to play Amanda Lynn, which we are were BEYOND stoked for.

Once we had gotten our fix for BIG Something the band was just some more humans in the bar.

I had the pleasure to meet and speak with Nick Macdaniels briefly about their tour and festival this year. I’m hoping to talk more with them and see a bunch more while I cruise and write. Five star show, five star band. CHECK THEM OUT.




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