Right after a major counterpoint in my life, I decided to pack up what I could fit in my 2000 Honda Civic named Louis, and heading to Asheville, North Carolina. From that point on I chose to submerge myself into some deep rooted culture in underground America. The hippie culture. My obsession with Hunter Thompson led me to make this spontaneous decision of a lifetime. For the past month and a half I have been driving, hooping, networking, volunteering, couch surfing and festival hopping. While in between working odd jobs for some good friends and trying to sell stuff along the way. I plan to continue this venture in hopes of becoming a festival/ music journalist. Just not in the mainstream yet. Under the surface is where the interesting experiences lie. In 2014 I’ve attended Aura, Shakori Hill, H-Blast Spring Fever, Foxfest, & Rooster Walk, with plenty more to come. Within the week I plan to collect the notes, thoughts, and associations I’ve made thus far on these small scale music events and put them into a short story of my subjective encounters with humans, bands, and this lifestyle in itself. I can safely say I’m about to “blow up” my blog with festival reviews and such. In the meantime I shall attempt to raise money for a new car (the owl I started my venture with broke Louis’s brain), fix my laptop and get a phone again. After these responsibilities are taken care of I’ll continue this sojourn to find some culture shock and expose this community for the glorious world that it truly is. A primitive journey to the heart of an American underground. An ode to the far out of this world man Dr. Hunter Stockton Thompson.



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