F*ck GI Dis Eases

There was another challenge over my life, when my most complimentary human asked me to marry him. A few days of the fear of love and my immune system started to go haywire. This time I wouldn’t ignore the obvious and immediately started on heavy doses of  Aloe Vera and a bland diet. Whatever exercise my body would allow and was waiting for results. The shit was still furious, pun intended, so I called on a few folks who helped me recover my fighting spirit. Another warrior such as myself, my birth mother, and my earth mother. I had lost so much inspiration due to the sensation of being trapped in my body and mind. Starving spirits will linger with anxiety if not given what it deserves. Expansion, curiousity, dance, circles, growth. Turmeric and liquid aminos have also been some key components in the healing process. As well as a gifted stone of mystery, potentially moss agate.

It has been seven months since I slowly have gotten off of Remicade, the last remaining pharmaceutical I was on.  Yoga, hooping, cannabis, herbs, singing, and veganism tremendously saved my life. The will continue to guide me through this until I remove the tainted part of my body. If I had a choice to be cured, I’m going to take it.

Living alone in a house of six is one of the most interesting ventures. More stories to come from these noise makers.


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