So when I was 12 years old, in November of 2005 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. If you are unfamiliar with this particular dis ease, Crohn’s is more commonly known. UC is just is fucked up cousin. This dis ease usually is diagnosed in people 20-30, I was 12, my hemoglobin (red blood cell count) was at 5, it’s supposed to be anywhere between 15-30. I went into the local Patient First with chest pains, potentially pneumonia, which I ended up having anyways. So after they poked and prodded, they urgently told me to go to the hospital and get a blood transfusion. Since they DISCLOSED ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION TO ME, I was scared shitless along with my panicked mother. After a frantic 5 hours of being in a 10ft by 5ft room pumping 4 pints of blood into me, they still had no clue what was wrong with me. After way too many invasive tests, they came up with Ulcerative colitis. On paper though, due to insurance loopholes and more red tape, I have Crohn’s dis ease…even though that’s false. 8 days later, I finally leave the hospital weighing 85 lbs, and on a cocktail of 32 different pharms. Bed-ridden, on bland diet consisting of broth, water, and starches, plus out of school for about 2 months now. I gained my weight back, appetite, mental health (mostly), and will to live. 

However, me being an 8th grader fresh into puberty, because of all the stress on my body and mind, I went for 9 months without a period. That was mostly due to Prednisone, a fucked up steriod they give both to humans and to dogs. Along with the burning questions from my teachers, friends, and anyone who had seen the invisible me in middle school, this dis ease brought depression, anxiety, easily stressed, lactose intolerance, vision problems as well as dietary restrictions. 

After 3 years of remission and slowly getting off a majority of drugs, I had my heart broken and returned to the hospital. 16 days later, I’m 95 lbs, on about 26 drugs, and now have gotten into serious research into alternative medicine after being a drug called REMICADE, that when injected into me the first time, I couldn’t feel my body, only the left over air pockets puffed into my intestinal track. Needless to say that was a painful day. The second time with the infusion, An immense amount of pressure on my chest caused my breathing to stop and doctors were called. 

Anytime you stay more than 2 days in a children’s hospital, there is no such thing as “good sleep” every 4-6 hours nurses, doctors, visitors, janitors, come into the room, to poke, talk, test, press buttons, give drugs, etc. and decent sleep quickly turns into a luxury. 

Docs and Big Pharma

When I did research on alternative medicine, the first find was aloe vera. And to this day organic pressed aloe vera juice has on multiple occasions saved my life (not exaggerating). I quickly took myself off all oral drugs that i was on and just remained on the remicade. I changed my diet to vegetarian/organic and became way more health conscious then I had ever been because literally, this dis ease is a food based on. Every single particle I put into my body heavily effects my digestion. So naturally I decided to stop putting bad shit into my body (TACO BELL, WENDYS, etc.) My doctors were very skeptical and didn’t think I could survive with out the oral drugs. THEY WANTED ME TO CONTINUE TO USE DRUGS AS A CRUTCH SO THAT I COULD BE DEPENDENT ON THEM AND KEEP ME BUYING. 

Last year I was given a pamphlet on Remicade self-injectibles, I did heavy research on it and found that the long term effects are INFERTILITY, HIGHER RISK OF LYMPHOMA AND TUBERCULOSIS. and I found out they test on monkeys and mice, which is not okay in my book. So when I went to my adult doctor and told her I did not want to be on remicade anymore, SHE LAUGHED IN MY FACE and told me I couldn’t survive without it. She told me of nothing else I could do but stay on the drug. Little did she know I had done holistic research as well to throw back at her as a rebutle to her argument. She had absolutely no idea that aloe and turmeric and probiotics etc. could keep me stable as long as i exercised and stayed stress-free (which cannabis solved). They also tried to put be on zanex and prozac but I forever refuse to be on anti-anxiety or anti-depressants.

After being laughed at by a blissfully ignorant woman, I quickly switched doctors. After having a successful colonoscopy with great results. I decided to no longer trust the opinions of people who don’t have great social skills and only “practice” medicine, like I practice hula hooping, only I’m better at hula hooping then they are at helping keep me truly healthy and alive. 

Considering I trusted drug pushers, and I say that because the definition of “drugs” is …

~a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.

~administer a drug to (someone) in order to induce stupor or insensibility.

There are two types of drugs. Recreational and Pharmaceutical. One is underground and usually is illegal and are distributed by civilians. The other are simply government controlled. I would trust a friend of mine to keep me alive before I ever trust the government to. 

Okay, government drug pushers.. DON’T TRUST THEM. RESPECT THE OPINIONS THEY HAVE BUT THEY JUST WANT YOU TO BUY THE DRUGS, LIKE ALL DRUGS PUSHERS DO. yes they think they’re helping but THEY PROFIT WHEN YOU GET SICK, OR WHEN YOU ARE ABOUT TO DIE. I don’t often trust drug dealers so I stopped asking my doctor what to do when blood was coming out of orifices that it shouldn’t be. I did exactly what they would tell me, DIET, EXERCISE, STRESS. I stopped eating gluten because I developed an intolerance within the last 2 years (THEY HAVE CHANGED THE WHEAT, GMO TANGENT LATER), I cut corn and most of the soy out of my diet (soy and corn are two of the highest GMO products out there. I stopped raw veggies for a while, they just don’t digest very well. and had to start eating eggs for protein intake. My diet when I start to flare consists of rice, potatoes, eggs, Braggs liquid aminos, nutritional yeast, vegan cheese, aloe vera, fruit. A few vitamins on a daily basis, and with the exception of just a few other foods that’s what I do. I also walk and dance a lot more for bowel massages and I ingest cannabis for my stress levels. I drink about 4 ounces of aloe every day before and after I eat. 

The past 10 days I have been in a bad state, but the last two have been promising. Nothing but progress and I did it without the help of the big pharm or doctors who claim to know more about my body simply because a piece of paper tells them they do. 

You are the only one who TRULY knows your body. Every dis ease is subjective to the individual, so learn your body please. Listen to it. It will tell you whats wrong, just like a car. You’ll know when it’s time for a tune up, just listen to what happens when ingesting certain things. Keep a food journal, don’t over consume, love yourself enough to get off drugs. Most government (pharmaceutical) drugs are bad. Yes they help but people also said it was safe to smoke cigarettes while pregnant. 

“The body talks and meditation helps”


Keep up with your vehicle. You’ll be glad to have a temple that is independent and free of synthetic materials. 



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