Yes, Every Love Does Involve Real Guts~ Part 1


Aw shucks. Love has entered my life in the form of an Aquarius sun with Leo rising. And he too has a moon in Aires, same as me. He has no planets in Cancer, Taurus, Gemini, or Saggitarius. Which is supremely hard for me considering my Mercury is in Cancer, and my Venus is in Taurus. Needless to say our form of expressing love and affection to each other is quite opposite. Despite our trivial problems, I love everything about this completely Yang to my Yin man. He is everything I’m not, and vice versa. We love a vast majority of the same things and had a beautiful connection when we first got together. We still do but something’s shifted, neither of us know why but we ignore the problem and move past the oddities. In retrospect I’m still not quite sure how it occurred, potentially alcohol and sub conscious pre-feelings, but physical contact was made that didn’t lead to anything but spooning. Some time went by and one night, we couldn’t sleep. Our electromagnetic waves couldn’t help but be against each other. We kissed. Love was in creation. On July 19, 2014, a proposal was made which ended in agreement. I felt as though I was on the verge of waking up from the purest lucid dream I had ever had. I couldn’t believe some one ACTUALLY asked me to marry them. I didn’t expect it or even know what happened after. All I could think was The Horror of Our Love. I had always dreamed of the day when someone’s energy would bring that song to my conscious level. That song is a perfect one for my love life. Cynical Beautiful. Metaphorically Abstract. I left the building due to uneven breath and I was left alone at the dinner table. I was feeling so stunned and girlish that I sat in the street and starred into the sky thinking, ” Am I alive? What’s happening?”. Slowly my lover and loving roommates came out in congratulations. I fell in love in one fellow loop of the roller coaster.

The next 2 or 3 parts are my journal entries from this particular subject in my life, I just really have to get it out. I also will log a few of my times here in the House of Lovin. 


One thought on “Yes, Every Love Does Involve Real Guts~ Part 1

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