..::Toward Something::..

I am about to flash flood my blog with what the fuck has been going on in my life. My stories are biased and only my own opinions and theories but this is what was going on in my noggin during the occurrences. There’s travel, medicine, love, drugs, house shows, violence, mayhem, sketchy business, road trips, rescue missions, street kids, black mold, and realizations that helped keep me alive. Once I trek back to Asheville, NC and gather my journals, possessions, and findings I’ll be working constantly to put it all out there. I’ll be starting a long over due Etsy with my equally talented sister, learning the insurance business, preparing speeches on facing death and overcoming fear, continuing my study of Astrology/Palmistry/Alchemy/Gemology and Natural Medicine. A lot of self healing is and will be taking place and I won’t be alone in it. Not in the physical world and not in the digital world. Prepare light beings, with progression at hand and the road to recovery being paved well you are in for some wild times. I love you, thank you for your time and energy. Bless.



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