~757 Music Reviews~…::ADAM EZRA GROUP::…

So this is about to be a new category of music specifically for my local area, Virginia Beach. Yes VB is a tourist trap, yes it is a dead city in the winter, but it has it’s cool perks about. It between the free live music we always have and Edgar Cayce’s ARE, and I suppose just being on the edge of the land is pretty fucking cool. COMING SOON ‘EDGE OF THE EARTH WALK’.

Every Thursday night a restaurant on the corner 23rd street plays FREE live music, the lovely Doc Taylor’s. I used to go every week but with me not having a car and my bad case of nomadicism, it was a rare occasion to see me there. But since I have returned and will remain in VB for a while I’m going to attempt to make it at least 3 out of 4 times a month, review and promote the awesome music that comes through this wild city.


All the way from Boston, Massachusetts the Adam Ezra Group graced us with an amazing performance that had everyone screaming for more. This six piece group came in strong with a bluegrassy/folk sound that I could not help but stand up and dance to. Between that violin, a banjo, and their percussionist whipping out a 2×4 during one of their songs the whole crowd was feeling this band. Locals piled in this little joint  to hear the music and within the first hour people were squeezing to the front to jam out with the barefoot front man. They kept the audience going and covered the ever popular “Devil went down to Georgia” with their own twist on it… “The Devil came up to Boston”.  Needless to say people went nuts for that one 🙂 With this being the first time they’ve played in Virginia Beach, they weren’t quite sure what 757 would bring, but after that night every one at Doc’s is expecting to speedy return! The Adam Ezra Group played their tour bound hearts out for us and we of the local scene are outrageously grateful. Midnight rolled around, which means the last songs are wrapping up the night. However, when the group finished, the audience did not. We wanted more, “ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG!” and if you’ve ever been to Doc Taylor’s on a night when the crowd is really digging the band, we will not let them leave until we get our fix. So one more song they played! And of course we were so graciously included in it, so Adam started strumming a cover of “Free Falling” and that was it! The lighters were up, the camera phones were on with the flash and everything. People swayed in the crowd while a beautiful chorus sung the lyrics with an equally beautiful band. Overall, the Adam Ezra Group will be welcomed back we they make their return to the beach. They left quite the impression on the locals and I hope you take my advice and pay a visit to the bands site and sounds. ❤


Thanks again to everyone at Doc Taylor’s and everyone in the Adam Ezra Group!

(i do not own this photo! thank you who ever took it!)


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