Dream Works~ Subconscious Motion Pictures

In attempt to further my studies, about a year ago I began lacing my dreams with crystals by putting them under my pillow. The difference ones REM is with the low vibrating frequencies of a crystal while in that state of mind is massive. This particular post will be just the dreams post hospital; then once I analyze these I shall regress farther back into my dream journals and pick the ones that I have already decoded, make a whole bunch of fun connections and how they determined my choices while also helping to guide me to where I am now.

Some dream workers say that dreams are either worries about current circumstances happening in our life or future stresses. Then some say if we are a special kind of dreamer then our dreams can become premonitions for the future or help us to pull an inception on others’ dreams (only for helpful reasons such as shamans and medicine men do).

Damn I rant a lot, my apologies readers 🙂 BACK TO THE DREAM WORLD!


DISCLAIMER: when scribbling the verbalized images of my sleep cycles, they don’t often come out as sentences or anything comprehensive for that matter. I try my best to make these into phrases humans can read. So be warned, this isn’t going to make much sense just hold on tight and sit comfortably.

1> I went to a club with friends, the song “Jagadeesha” by Trevor Hall rang throughout the dream. Bee & Nima, old friends of mine were present. They left and only Bee said goodbye. There was something hidden in a house that I found out about. END OF WRITINGS. Upon waking up I felt symptoms of flu setting in.

2>This one I named “Physical Control”. Robert Moss encourages to title each dream and a man who speaks of Edgar Cayce on Dreams/Dream work says we should also pay attention to how we feel when we wake up from the dream. All this says is Grim Grid, his mom, uniforms not right, first kisses, adolescents, high school/college. I woke up feeling confused and uneasy.

3> “Water”  There was a beach house. I had a new step brother who was too nice borderline flirty with me. Then I was at a swimming pool. There was a man with tattoos. I remember lacing fingers and holding hands with someone unknown. There were teams that took turns going into a smaller pool. I spoke with my mom. END OF WRITINGS. I didn’t record how i felt when I woke up.

4> There are two entries that I used Fluorite with Selenite and Kyanite with Quartz that I remembered I just wasn’t able to write them down most likely because I had to take my niece to the bus stop or I was interrupted by my family in the dream because I had some other task to do.

5> One of my more recent ones was the cult one I have already analyzed. But the night after that I had hung out with a new Cancer male in my life and I regretfully made the night super awkward because I have too many issues to deal with a new guy. The dream that I had was heightened by Citrine and it was a very scandalous dream. I recall bodies, movement, and him whispering “baby, why are you afraid?”. I woke up very warm and to a text message reading “I could still smell you” from him.

Roll credits. Not too much in my post dream journal. I blame big pharma for dazing my mind into a strange oblivion of fuzzy dreams and the occasional tension headaches. Thank Creator for peppermint and ginger!


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