Bartering Resurfaced



No where, it just sank underground.

It is alive and kicking in the underlyings of America. All the best hippies are doing it. Even on a local level people still trade goods and services. Mostly because we’re all broke and far below the poverty line. Yet we still seem to be the happiest bunch of humans in the eyes of society. Although society does just see us as drug taking fornicators ๐Ÿ˜‰ but fuck em we clearly don’t give two cents to the way society sees us. We are Indigo. We will do what we please apparently. How do you think we are the new baby boomer generation? Forget that for now, your grandchildren will read about us in their very inaccurate history books. That is if you decide to expose them to public school.

BARTERING. excuse my semi-tangents please. That was a time when the population was seemingly happy with the way the economy ran. However, the population is also the reason it sank as hard as the Titanic. People are greedy, untrustworthy, don’t live up to their word, and can break a hand shake easier than a “signed document and record of the transaction.” Everyone went crazy with it so now it’s an underground trend that, I’m sure, more than us hippies have gotten a hold of.

I feel like that’s one of the plethora of reasons why we get addicted to festivals. You really can go to a fest with no money, not even a ticket- that is if you know how to sneak in, and still come out fed and maybe with a little money. You need to know how to hustle a bit if you are trying to make money. But the majority of festy heads are there for the music people and arts. There also been a vast number of transformation fests being held on the east coast which is impressive in my opinion because we are always last to get the latest. We aren’t as hip as California now.

I haven’t attended a transformic fest yet only due to lack of resources. Resources including a car and money. I have all the time in the world to go to festivals. So bartering, is a natural thing to mention when crossing paths with any form of artist or vendor.

“Do you barter?”

As long as it isn’t an undercover, which it shouldn’t be because they only buy they never sell, you’re fine to bring it up. And if you are an artist, crafter, spinner, any thing but a vendor, most of the time if you have something to offer you can negotiate and trade with anyone you please.


In addition to groundscores, the perks of being on green team at any festival :), bartering is my favorite thing to do at a fest. It’s an easy way to make friends, money, new materials, etc. By the way “groundscores” are what you find after the festival is over or during the festival and it’s basically yours if no one stops you from picking it up. Glorified lost and found/finders keepers deal.

And all that is just in the hippie-dom under the surface of our feet. In plain site yet kept under wraps enough to where we all aren’t getting arrested. They’re kind of similar to protests…protests of normal human patterns that is. Even though fests have been around since 69. There could be a whole world of bartering (which there totally is online) out there that the mainstream public doesn’t know about. I certainly don’t, but that’s because I like to shut myself off from the general public. That’s an entirely different rant I need to be a little drunk to write about.

Carry on.



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