757 Music Review~ YOJIMBO

I wrote WAY too much about this band. Within three songs I had five pages written up about them. I was so in love and it was a deja vu type of love. Come to find out two of the members of the band were in the Mike Dillon band, who I saw at Aura Festival! No wonder their presence was so familiar. I had some vice help last night too I’ll admit. My shoes were off and drink was on.


The trombone was bigger than the adorable lady playing it. Right from the start, this band was obviously in love with the music they played. You could hear, see, smell, feel, maybe not taste..how much fun they were having. And damn it they should love the music they play. A collaboration based out of New Orleans, Yojimbo had that Louisana soul like no other. A jazzy fusion of funk, jam, down tempo, upbeat, all over the charts awesomeness! Not too far off from big band style this trio pleased the small crowd Thursday night. For such a little band they had humongous sound. And a killer set up that had people talking even before they showed up to play.

The highlight of the night, for me, was when they did a Skerik cover in honor of his birthday and the heavy sounds came out. For a jazz funk band, they were fucking incredible at it. They played a few covers of theme songs from movies, one being, of course, Yojimbo’s theme.

Let me just call out Carly the vocalist, trombone and tambourine player. She had the stage presence that made me immediately think of Jim Morrison and he was a fucking phenomenal front man. She embodied him, and it was out of sight. The way she handled her instruments, from the trombone to the random signs she played with during songs, she danced with it as it that were her partner. Comparable to how hula hoopers move with their hoops. She reminded me of an older Veda from the movie ‘My Girl’ between her looks and playful crowd banter, this girl had it all. And when she picked that mic up I was sold. She had as much enthusiasm as when she was playing her trombone. Her wild howls and dancing under scarves and teasing the crowd with a handmade ” I ❤ You” sign, made everyone fall in love with her and the band.

The drummer, Adam, had a wide variety of sounds coming off his kit, you would swear they had two drummers. The constant tempo changes were keeping the expanding crowd on their toes. Every single transition in a different tempo was on point. And with Doc Sharp on keys this band flooded with successful music for all ages. His keyboard set up consisted of a bass and treble board along with a third, that I was unfamiliar with.

Carly had been playing music since she was five years old, and it all started off with African music of all things. She started trombone in fifth grade and now at 23 was a smash hit from her voice to her instrumental talent. Ironically Carly and Adam had went to high school together, she said, and are still to this day close friends. Both from Colorado they picked up Doc coming out of Memphis and then they all heading down south to find themselves in New Orleans. Four years later they’re on tour and on their second album.

They recorded their newest album called “Ghost Birthdays” in Kansas City, and self-released it. Their first album, “Bumblebee Crown King” was a hit, and already they’ve written another twenty songs after finishing “Ghost Birthdays”.

Creativity clearly surrounds this group at all times, from naming their first album after an exit off an interstate to the actual name of the band. Yojimbo is the title of the bands favorite movie, directed by Akira Kurosawa. They loved it so much, that’s what they went with.

All three have been with other bands and playing with other artists but all are currently more focused on Yojimbo. Stopping by our far from modest city on their first big tour of six weeks, they plan to hit Colorado, Chicago, the Bell Brewery as well as the Founders Brewery, Pittsburgh, and other cities that they’re all excited about.

The band was hopping, and eventually everyone was on their feet swaying hips and clapping hands. Check this band out online or if they swing by your city. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!


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