757 Music Review~ Homemade Bread

“Well I am outrageously behind on this category of posts only because my writers block has rendered me emptied handed in the left and empty bottled in the right. A pen and paper by my side as I’m staring the my fan of five blades, and the glow in the dark cosmos that should be in a small child’s room. “




Yessir that was what this four piece band called themselves and I haven’t the slightest clue why. If I was a better journalist I could write a good 500 on this band because they were amazing. This bluesy band had just come out of a long time hiatus of not playing together.

Coming from our good sister city, well my good sister city, Richmond! Hoorah for Virginia heads, a sax player, bassist, drummer, and the lead playing guitar as well as singing. A funky start to the night had the small crowd going, and all eyes were closed to get that smooth liquid flow that blues songs force out of you.

The front man, Mike, was sure to please all kinds of humans that night between scatting and breaking a string right before the break (due to a far out solo). The heavy bassline kept with the blues/funk feel this band had going and all the ladies were feeling it that night ๐Ÿ˜‰

The playfulness of the guitar lightened the vibe every few songs with the incredible percussion by Jeff, who had a solo as well and had it going for a good four minutes. The crowd went nuts for it too. How could they not?

As the night went as, as usual, Docs filled up with kids and locals willing to brave the cold for a good live show. Kai on bass, I hope I spelled it right, and Nelson on the sax along with Jeff the drummer showed off their stuff when Mike broke a string and was fixing it mid song. They covered it so well as if they had meant for that to happen.

I had to dip out early due to my ride leaving so I wasn’t able to get more intel on the band themselves. Just my little review and a snipit of their early songs.

Check them out for sure, super nice guys, with super nice music.

Not the greatest clip on my part but hey it’s something ๐Ÿ™‚


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