Dream Analysis~ Sister Stress

This was a fairly lucid dream, so all the decisions I made were conscious and the words I used were thought about then applied to the situations.


>My sister and I were in a shopping center that we pass on a daily basis, and we were talking to, who I thought to be cartel of some kind, and it was all fine and dandy until I turn around and my sister and my niece are gone. I immediately go at the cartel people we were talking with because they had that air about them, but as it turns out they didn’t have her. I look to the street, and sure enough there is a beat old white truck, with a spiteful blonde girl in the driver seat, who said some thing like “she’s mine” or “you’ll never see her again”…something like that I don’t recall the words. My sister was sound asleep in the back seat of this truck and the chick drove south. My niece was no longer in the picture for some reason. So I go back to the cartel people in the shopping center, and I asked them to help and follow her. They agreed thankfully. We all hauled in the the car and headed north. I started yelling and freaking out saying “Why the fuck are we going north?! You saw that bitch go south we’ve gotta follow her! catch up!” His response, “I have to go up here to make a U-turn.” I thought about it for a second and remember asking myself (not out loud to them), why the hell do we need to u-turn? if we had gone left we’d be close to them by now. Then suddenly we all were back in the shopping center and my sister just showed back up with my niece. Then my mother interrupted and woke me up.

There were other dreams last night but I can’t recall any as vividly as this one.

Now for the analysis…..

So my sister and I are VERY close. I like to think she’s one of my best friends as well as my blood. We’ve been through very thick and thin times together, and we understand each other more importantly. There’s been a lot of discussion about her moving out again, which I’m fine with, because she is considering having me live with her as well as her fiance and children. But I suppose the fact that some one took her away, I’m worried about losing her on some level. Same for my niece as well. It could also maybe mean our bond is drifting apart. I’m still not sure on that part. Then the cartel people I believe to be bad choices/decisions my sister has or have been making (she initiated the conversation with the cartel people).

Potentially it could mean I have to help her when she makes these decisions; possibly I’m stressed about having that obligation. Although, it’s not an obligation it’s my choice to help her.

As for the blonde in the truck…I’m just biased because there are very few blondes in my family, and stereo-typically blondes are sassy and rude or stuck up or whatever people say (i’m honestly not sure what the stereotype is). The white truck is just a manifestation of vehicles I don’t like. People who own trucks, in my opinion, have bigger egos than others and tend to be more aggressive drivers. And I guess I just don’t like them. Not sure. The white could just be me filling in the blanks because research says we dream in black and white then fill the colors when we go back into the waking world. We also have a white truck that died outside our house, that I constantly see, possibly another filler.

The u-turn also stuck out to me. That could mean that things will “turn around” while trying to help my sister. After the “u-turn” things will return to normal…back to the shopping center…and then all will be well.


That’s just what I believe the possibilities are. As a control I’ll start looking up the general interpretations to contrast with my personal interpretations of it.


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