There is no ONE for every ONE ~ a multitude of love tangent

As I continue to read Aldous Huxley’s novel ‘Brave New World,’ I am realizing that there is no one for every one. The ever popular phrase “there’s some one for everyone” is turning into as big of a myth as the Easter bunny story.


We, as a human species, have a very difficult time being monogamous. There are only about eleven or twelve species of animals, out of the hundreds, that mate for life. We, humans, are conditioned to “mate for life” but that’s only due to the heavily embellished religion that ruled our society for so long. I honestly have come to believe that we are not meant to be with only one for our entire lives. cheating, adultery, polygamy have been the result of all the bullshit we have been forced to live by, considering our society was founded on greed and stealing. Being that we naturally are attracted to anyone who peaks our curiosity, we instinctively are drawn to the earthly desires temptingly us every time we open our eyes. It’s not considered cheating when a tiger mates then leaves to go find new territory to claim it’s own. And they might mate again, it all depends. But that’s just nature. People often get cheated on or cheat. I don’t know what the statistics are for cheating in marriage or just relations, but seriously who gives a fuck about stats? Just a better reason to make stereotypes…once a cheater always a cheater…People can change. thank you and goodnight that was our special guest of the article Tally Rants. No one, ergo, no singular one for any singular. Therefore, a possibility  of the concept Plural for plural.


Let’s all consider, whether you believe it to be true, just go with, that the collective (consciousness) is real. And everything that we do affects those around us even from a distance and even from a neighbor. What we do, collectively harbors what goes on everywhere. Because we are one, individuals combining to make a whole, we will. Am I being comprehensive? The butterfly effect. Real. So if we all be happy, act happy and love, then all living beings will be happy and love. Light fills to all it reaches, the unlimited and infinite.

Acting as We are all each other, we are still ourselves, yet collectively linked to a higher energy. The divine.


But this world, this shadow world, illusionary and even sometimes hellish earth we reside on, is temporary. We live,we die, recycle. This is only a shadow world because it was created if one, into two, duality, night /day etc, then the inhabitants of it, humans, are made naturally of one from two into three. Numerology. So in order to attempt to justify this tangent, whatever we do, whether its be with one or many, if its out of pure LOVE not Ego, then it wouldn’t affect the collective consciousness so heavily. But since we all do what we do mostly subconsciously, from Ego, then negative repercussions always follow close by.


The concept of a “soul mate” vs the concept of a “twin flame” there are over a billion people and we, for reasons I’ll never fathom, believe that if we look hard enough in the very state we live in we are bound to find our “one and only,” that vaguely sounds possessive, doesn’t it? And kind of immoral, because isn’t sharing caring? That’s like saying I’ll only eat one meal forever til i die just because i enjoyed it once, so I’ll stick with this and never have anything else again. Once I get that meal, it is MINE no one else order it or look at it. Mine. Until I’m dead.


Now, I am the BIGGEST cliche of all because I grew watching way too many movies and reading too many romanticism novels. I am a firm believer in Soul Mates and Twin Flames. However I believe to add to that thought, with a theory of there being more than one for us. Seeing as how we are all one on a conscious state, couldn’t it be possible that we are able to have soul connections with more than one other being?

Now I’m no polygamist or adulterer but in current American society even looking at another human if you have one of your own is liable to slap a big scarlet letter right on your forehead for all to see. This isn’t Salem, or the 1700’s. We are adults who love to love. However since we don’t love wholly and selflessly, once your a couple, that’s it. They are your friends, your family, your one. That’s all we get is one. I dont believe that’s what creation wanted. If creation wanted that it’s make a majority of the natural monogamous and make polygamy the anomaly.


This isn’t a suggestive piece to go off and be with everyone you wish. The Sacred Union is still EXTREMELY important in this time. Becoming one with another, but when all else fails one doesn’t need to close off the box of your heart to everyone else. Risks are the only way of learning and experiencing. Love thyself, and love another. We all are capable of big love, and seeing as we are conditioned not to spread love and share, then we continue the vicious cycle of lying and untruthful being.

We are allowed to love fully, and have a multitude of love as long as its honest and the intentions are good. It doesn’t come from Ego or greed, just love of another.


Artwork by Alex Grey and Photo from


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