Dream Analysis~ DECODING MY MIND

I struggle with depression. Not on paper, but you should know if you have it. Because you don’t just ‘have’ it, doctor diagnosed or not, when you are depression, you just know.

So after reading ‘CONSCIOUS DREAMING’ by Robert Moss, I began using those crazy nightly images as a tool to figure out what the hell I’m doing wrong in life and why i get so sad about stupid confusion or uncertainty. Being my own dream dictionary and also consulting a dream encyclopedia in the mix has been some of the most helpful information one could receive from our higher self.

Not so Psyche Ward: UNDATED AND UNPROTECTED (no crystal therapy)

I was in an insane asylum but no one was insane and the people there knew that, but it was Jack Nicholson in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ status. An old Taurus friend was there. I tried to escape, and I was caught, I was forced to come back to this place, and I blamed the Taurus because I saw her tell someone, through someone else’s eyes. The Taurus burst out crying and admitted the wrong doing. In response, I hugged that kid so tight in forgiveness.

That was it.

So the ward is how I feel about my surroundings. The current environment I’m in is very routine and typical american adult life. There is a lot of structure but I’m seeing it as a bad thing, it wouldn’t be a place I’d like to dwell in (such as a sane person wouldn’t want to go to an hospital)

I am an insane one trying to get out of the sane world. I clearly need a bit of adventure and escape. Subconsciously, I  long for a sense of freedom.

The old friend, is just past times I can’t let go of. I’m trying but clearly it didn’t work at that time, but I was trying to forgive what I can forget. In hugging them, that opened up a window to the escape of holding on the to the past and harsh feelings.

Even though I ended up back where I tried to escape, I can forgive what had occurred in said place of unhappiness.



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