Dream Analysis~ Embracing the Goddess

While I had this dream I was partaking in an invitational on another social media and we were learning about different Goddesses and embracing our Divine Feminine and our Living Goddess within us.

I have always been self- conscious for some reason, maybe 3rd chakra blockage but whatever the cause I am changing it. I don’t like being with such low self esteem.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Amanda Sage and her artwork are a true display of embracing our Goddess. She has been an inspiration as well as many other beautiful cosmic women and Goddesses.

This was lucid, I woke up with ‘You Make Me Smile’ by Blue October, it was on December 21 into 22 (Winter Solstice sleep) and I’ll call the dream, Under Dis-Dressed.


Me and a bunch of my cousins were on the sidewalk just frittering about and my step brother and fiance announced that their wedding was right there and then. Naturally we all scrambled to get where we needed to be and I ended up in a school room. We were all in a line trying to figure out the reverse alpha-beta-tical order we were to be arranged in. I saw a lot of people I did and did not remember from high school days. Everyone was dressed in black and white formal and I, of course, was not in appropriate attire. The people who were first in line had to go up to the podium and say a 10 second speech. A girl ‘won’ and no one else got a chance to speak the teachers just picked the first person they liked. She was allowed to pass out papers. We all took our seats and the fellow sitting across from me looked like Wes Bentley and when we got our worksheets, it was a paper on the Divine Goddess and perseverance. We small talked quietly about making anti-bacterial babies (like in Brave New World). We were yelled at to be quiet and we did so. Then I woke up.


I think all my family symbolized my want to spend time and be more included since I don’t often see them, especially my step brother, some of my family of marriage just doesn’t feel real. It’s blatantly by law.  I was probably sent to a school because I still had learning to do. I needed to understand (that I won’t always be included even if it’s ‘socially expected’).  I believe me being under dressed was to say that I was out of place in my current settings and i felt isolated/ostracized some how, in this case being in casual when everyone else is in black and white tie.

The reverse alpha-beta-tical order stumped me and my first thought was everything in my life always ends up ass backwards and I never know where to go. So for this symbol I consulted my references. They had nothing to say. Perhaps just a random image of subconscious mystery.

Next, not being given a chance to say my ‘speech’ makes me wonder if I feel as though people don’t hear me, on a spiritual level. Being in a school, the references say that there is learning on a spiritual plane that needs to occur. Potentially I’m not saying what I need to spiritually that’s why I wasn’t even given a chance.

The Wes Bentley character I believe to just be my desire for the Divine Masculine in a physical form in my life. One that I can clearly see sitting right across from me.  And the reference to Brave New World, well that was simply a lingering imagination sign because I was reading that at the time.  Same with the Goddess worksheet, I was learning every day about new Goddesses and invoking my own Living Goddess within.



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