Tips~ For Cleaning a Catch-All

image (1)image (2)image

image (5)So in my grandmothers house, things are done extremely old school. There is city water, second hand smoke, collected clutter leaving just enough space to not be a hoarder, and enough random food to feed an entire homeless shelter twice. Due to this new environment, my Nana is allowing me to do what I need to feel more comfortable. Considering that my body has now become sore from not doing yoga in 4 days, I decided the patio would be the best place to start. Now she’s the kind of woman who is sentimental and keeps everything with a story or memory attached. I am the same way but I can let go easier than she can. I didn’t throw anything away, unless it really was useless, I simply condensed and put things away.

 These photos are all before shots.

image (6)

I’ve cleaned this patio once before, but it was when my grandfather was still with us, I didn’t live here, & I had no idea what I should do with the place. There are still things that I couldn’t do much about, such as the dishwasher that still needs to be installed, the bulk amounts of V8, and far too many ashtrays.

Her patio has become a sort of “catch-all” as her garage has too, and the second bedroom now called “the junk room.” Naturally there is everything from food to vases and business cards.

 I woke up this morning and began to move things around.


  • Open the blinds, it makes all the difference, darkness and dreary vibes immediately dissipate
  • Put like things together; potatoes with onions, V8 juice with Cranberry juice, baskets with other storage containers, etc.
  • Begin a pile of yard sale items, that way it can be cycled out of your home and someone else can make use of it
  • Rearrange the furniture to become functional again. The nine chairs in there were more suited stacked against a wall
  • Vacuum EVERYTHING; corners, cabinets, door frames, floors, drawers, those vases, plethora of ashtrays, etc.

I still haven’t vacuumed, but I’ll save that for tomorrow. I chose to do the patio first because there was a time when it was the center of all family functions, and now its a rarity to find anyone in there because of all the mess and chaos. It made her happy to be able to see her table again. She told me to stop because she felt guilty, she’s so cute. I finished my work and had a hooping session in honor of the clean space. Tomorrow I shall post a video of a hoop practice session, and proper after shots…my camera died and the charger isn’t something I grabbed my mom’s house.


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