Flying Signs & Stop Lights

Today while driving from coffee with a friend, I saw I very common sight in Virginia Beach…someone at the exit of an interstate flying a sign. I was stopped at a red light right where he was standing on the sidewalk, smiling and waving to people. All I could make out of his sign was ‘ANYTHING HELPS,’ there was more above it but it was too small to see from where I was. I looked at him for a moment, just a glance and thought “oh that’s no good, I remember flying a sign.” Then I realized how young he was, and so familiar, like someone I crossed paths with on my travels. He caught me looking, and he smiled. I gestured with one finger for him to come over to the car. He ran with a load of excitement in his backpack. I rolled the window down and handed him two bay laurel leaves from my aunts yard. I told him “Take these, they’re bay laurel leaves for protection while you travel. I don’t know where you’re going but take this too,” and handed him five dollars. He radiated with gratitude. He responded, “Thank you so much mama, I am so grateful!” Followed by that signature hippie smile. The light turned green and I through him a peace sign. He blew me a kiss in return.

I couldn’t stop smiling after that. I felt appreciative that he was so grateful. It really made me miss though days of empty pockets and dumpster diving. I’m just glad I was able to give hope to hungry nomad. This sparked a great deal of inspiration, insight, and curiosity. Another journey shall begin soon.


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