Opening the Spiritual Eyes

IMG_0058Beginning May 1, 2015 (May Day), I will start my home schooling again. I plan to sell the computer I have, I will still have an Ipad and a phone so I can continue with my work and studies without paying a five digit number to another system ~~~I will begin with Hatha Yoga. I have the most incredible book written and illustrated by Swami Vishnudevananda which is required for one of the yoga schools in India I pipe-dreamed to attend. When I realized this is literally the text book for the school, I decided to do my own yoga training. And considering I can’t afford yoga teacher training yet, I’ll begin class in the home of my grandmother. I will go through all 140 poses, exercises, meditations, and potentially the dietary aspects, but I believe that I’ve already been in the process of that.

I don’t plan to put this out there into another social media because this is for my own personal journey and documentation. I’ll keep it in my archives on here, and spread it to those who still enjoy reading and blogging.

Along with yoga studies and practices, I will have a new category on all the books I read that have helped guide me. Rituals and meditations that are guides to where I need to better the self, and the creations I make, with and without the help of the Mother God, Gaia, Pachamama, whatever you shall call her.


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