Day 1 – Soorya Namaskar

Also popularly known as Sun Salutations or Salute to Sun, Soorya Namaskar is directly translated in this text as Sun Exercise. The purpose behind the title is to practice this sequence in the early morning while facing the sun. In the Hatha practice, it is to be repeated 12 times daily as the student repeats the 12 names of the Lord Sun (Soorya or Surya).

Namaskar, Ardha Chandrasana, Padangustasan, Surya Darshan,  Purvottanasana, Sashtang Dandawat, Bhujangasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Surya Darshan, Padangustasan, Ardha Chandrasana, Namaskar


The intention of the variation is to combine yogic asanas (positions) and pranayama (controlled breath) to allow the student to ease into other asanas while also bringing flexibility to the spine and limbs. The series consists of 12 different spinal positions that compel deep breathing, which promote better blood circulation. It enhances and corrects the breathing patterns, and stretches the arms and legs in a beneficial manner.

I’ll post pictures from the text in the next post


This is one of the first basic sequences I learned when I took a yoga class in college. It quickly became my favorite because you can put your own varitons on it while maintaining the overall purpose. As I started to learn yoga in 2007, if I didn’t have enough time, or felt lazy and unmotivated I would at the least practice my sun salutation. Just beginning there made me feel better.

I’m extremely excited to homeschool myself in Hatha, considering I already know a lot about this specific yoga path. Once I conclude my schooling, I may not have a piece of paper or an acronym after my name, I will still have the knowledge and experience I want! After, I hope to expand the yogic knowledge into Bhakti, Ashtnganga, Karma, Raja, Osho, and many more I am very curious about.


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