Day 2 Sirshasan – Headstand

IMG_0081This technique certainly looks a lot easier than it is, and if done wrong a students neck or upper back could pay the price. The weight is to be placed on the interlocked fingers and elbows. The student shouldn’t feel any weight whatsoever on the head if the technique is done properly and weight is distributed evenly on the elbows and fingers ~~~~When beginning this position, it’s best to have a four folded blanket or soft cushion under the head. The student is instructed to sit on their knees, lace the fingers and make a finger lock on the cushion with the forearms and elbows as the base for balance. The crown of the head should be placed on the cushion with the back of the head close to the fingers. Minding that the student is still kneeling, bring the knees close to the body and raise your tail with your toes still on the ground. If the student feels ready gently lift the toes off the ground and keep the spine erect. As the legs lift, and the body becomes fully inverted, stand in the asana for 5 seconds to begin with, the gradually work up to 15 minutes over a period of time~~~~A reminder to breathe through your nose and never your mouth. When retracting the asana, bring the legs very slowly down to avoid rapid movement that could harm the body. After completing the asana, the text suggests standing tall for one or two minutes.


This took me about 4 years of steady practice to achieve. I began just in a triangle variation to prepare my crown, then when i felt ready I used a wall to help stabilize me. I started off in a different variation with my palms flat and made a triangle with my crown and two hands. Then rested my knees on my elbow to familiarize my body with the balance at hand. I’ll post more on that variation after the basics. Now that I can do a free standing headstand, it’s some thing I love love love to do on a daily basis. the benefits behind it are so helpful. It can help balance gravity, it promotes good blood circulation, for me being anemic every part of yoga is beneficial. Once you get it down, you’ll feel accomplished and healthy, but always make sure you do a counter- asana afterward (shoulder stand or standing erect).


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