Day 3 Sarvangasan- Shouldstand

 For the first few days of my schooling, I will only do the first variation of the poses so that I may work up to the more advanced poses.

Todays asana was Sarvangasan, also known as FullSizeRendershoulderstand. The word Sarvanga means ‘all parts’ so this asana concerns all parts of the body. This position is closely related to the headstand, both direct blood circulation in a postive manner to a part of the body that often can be neglected. For the headstand its the brain, for the shouldstand its the thyroid and parathyroid that are the focus. Both are located in the neck, so this particular pose supplies an ample amount of blood to them. With the chin locked to the chest, the pressure applied ensures the secretions of the thyroid are kept up to par. The suggested maxium time is fifteen minutes, but for beginners it states one minute ~~~~~To get into the pose, lie flat on your back on a thick blanket of some kind. Then raise the legs into a vertical positon, but do so gracefully and slowly. Place the elbows on the floor so the hands may support the lower back. Continue to bring the legs into the air until they are erect. Press your chin against your chest forming the chin lock as stated above. Try to stay focused on the thyroid glands in the neck, and try not to sway much. As you come out of the pose lower the legs carefully to avoid jerking motions. There are other asanas that allow full benefit of this pose called, matsyasan and sethu bandhasan,  which will both be coming up on previous days

FullSizeRender (3). I’ve actually been unknowingly doing this posture since I was little. I always enjoyed being upside down and inverted. It just felt good.

I’m super happy to on this journey and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read or just glance it over. When I have my days off I will post not only the daily asana, but more on Hatha yoga and the culture behind it.

The other sites I have do have other journeys, instagram and youtube are mostly hooping. IG just is still frames of daily things I think are aesthetically pleasing and youtube is strictly personal hooping progression. Tumblr, well, is just a messenger of all my social medias. It doesn’t serve much purpose but I enjoy who I follow because they have great journeys I enjoy keeping up with 🙂

Tumblr && IG >> @burningthyme #circlesforgaia

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