Crystal Healing


Since my transition into my grandmothers, the job, the job relocation,  and just all the Jazz I’ve been spinning around in…I feel like I’ve been ignoring my crystal friends. The first day of the relocation of my job, I put these crystals in my bandeau /bra thing, and allowed myself to be open the there energizing powers. Once I got to work I felt invigorated and ready to meet my new work mates. 

I was really very nervous and anxious about basically beginning a new job all over again, but my earthen friends were with me to comfort my mind. 

Starting with the green kyanite going sun wise, clear Quartz, topaz, Spanish Quartz (double terminated) and aquamarine ✨

Now a lot of these were picked out just due to my energy being attracted to its, but some were picked for me. The minute the woman showed me her suggestions for what I needed it was an instant relationship with the crystals. I’ll post more with their benefits another time. 

Just a few benefits for these five small, yet enchanting minerals are as followed:

Green kyanite~ it aligns all chakras immediately; a very pacific stone, it clears away anger, guides the holder into motivation and reasoning; aids in dream recall, also, this mineral does not  ever need cleansing because it doesn’t retain negative energy.

Clear quartz~this is a wonderful stone to always keep on your person, it promotes overall wellness and clarity, allows openness to the connection to the universe, can amplify body energies and thoughts, aids in balance, ability to assist in opening of all chakras, especially the higher crown, as well as way more factors that go on with variations of crystal and qualities.

Topaz~it’s known as “a stone of true love and success in all endeavors”, promoting creativity, and trusting the intuitive choices, dispels doubt and annoyance; a large quality(in my opinion) is the laws of attraction and manifestion that this stone brings being trigger for asking as well as receiving.

Spanish quartz~ invigorates and stimulates the physical being; aids in positive action; induces strength and vitality, combined with all the quality of a Quartz, just attuned to the first /second chakra 

Aquamarine~a stone of courage, it allows the holder to be unconquerable through learning about the physical world as well as the self; compassionate and gentle this mineral  assists the holder to always be prepared; helps with stability as well as bringing order and tolerance to the processes of work.

Source of info: Melody’s “love is the earth” encyclopedia 


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