Self love Saturday

As usual I’ve been very neglectful of my blog. I’ve had a whole lot going on from finally owning a car again, to looking for new homes in a new city. I’ve been in an online intensive, basically a class, and that’s taken up a good amount of free time because it has homework and group meetings. I’ve also been experimenting with podcasts so I’ve been speaking instead of writing, since time hasn’t been on my side. I just have to figure out some technical issues before posting them.

So I’m going to begin again with little bit about the 5 basics of writing and journalism (who what when where why), and those will be the launching of a new leaf. I love turning new leaves 😊 the new moon has just passed so that is my inspiration. Today I shall begin with a little who…


My name is Tayler. I began calling myself Tally when a customer at work asked me “what’s your name?” The question didn’t make sense since I had a name tag on, then he rephrased and asked “what would you like to be called?” And Tally was born.

No one has ever asked me that question, so I though of that name from a series of books by Scott Westerfeld. I associated with the main character and her name just came to mind. Later on I realized it could be an anagram for my full name as well, which I just thought was near.

I turned 22 this past June. This was the first birthday I had celebrated in two years. The past few I’ve gotten sick the week of my birthday and was too miserable to do anything.

I hoop and dance. I sing and write. I recycle and craft. I really enjoy reading and hiking, And I practice/study different philosophies. Diving into Divine Presence and breath work has molded me into the eclectic spiritualist I am today.

I was born I Key West, Florida but grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Although I didn’t stay for long after I got my first car. I’ve visited North Carolina, Nebraska, New York, Arkansas, Missouri, and West Virginia. One day I will see the other 42 states.

I am a stereotypical dreamer, and usually if I have to motivation to accomplish it, goals will be reached, dreams will be reality. I’m too curious and indecisive, but that’s always led me into some crazy circumstances for the best.



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