That One Lucky Time


Once upon a time, there was a hopeful girl. She tried her luck in a simple giveaway. Three posts later, she saw her name in lights, so to speak. She was so honored to have this extraordinary crystal shelf set. Her co-workers were very confused by her tears and hollers of “Oh my stars!!” So now she played to craziest game of all, the waiting game. FullSizeRender (7)The day finally came and the package had arrived. She saw the mail man and dashed to meet him as fast as a little dog would out of territorial instinct! Sure enough it was the gifts from a far away land by just as far out artists. Skills and knowledge, Form and Finish partnered with Etheral Wraps  to put together a prize package containing an assortment of crystals and handmade homes for them. Brown paper and a whole lot of bubble wrap later, the prizes had been in sight.
FullSizeRender (9)The lucky girl immediately opened the box upon arrival, and it had a perfect spot in her alter. The array of gems and crystals, polished and rough shone in the afternoon sunlight of her window. Charging up, preparing for the Blue Moon approaching, she arranged them with her other crystals in her south facing sill. A candle light vigil later, her new friends had been initiated into her life and attuned to her energy. “What a lucky human!” She thought to herself, “I’m so honored, it’s such a graceful blessing.”


p.s. i’ll post a full report on each crystal as i work with them, ten total! quartz generator, moonstone, black tourmaline, a quartz cluster, red dyed amethyst, raw aquamarine, celestite, mongolian calcite, polished unakite, and a clear as day amethyst ~


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