Therapeutic Thursday

This shall be the ‘what’ portion of the five basic writing tools mini-series I started a few Saturdays ago~

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Why the hell are you sitting mindlessly in front of an 11 inch screen with the Pioneer Woman in the background?

Does this blog have a purpose? Why would anyone care to read your writings?

Well negative nancy, this blog is for me. Typing is fun, I really enjoy it, and I’m darn fast when I know what I’m writing. I love to write with pen and paper too, but I can get more out when I’m tap dancing away on some plastic letters. People can read whatever they want. If they like it, thank you for following and I appreciate your support. And if they don’t, go to one of the other millions of websites there are.

Writing has turned my life around, from dream analysis to music reviews. I love this trade. I’ve made it into a form of meditation, I set up a sort of alter, and zone into this world of intention and personal truth with some opinion on the side. This blog has been a blessing for mental health. There’s something grossly satisfying about getting all out in language and written word.

My expressive outlook on my immediate and global surroundings. I’m here to write my story, keep an archive for the kids to read when I’m old. It’s all for love in the end.

Photo Source: My grandma 🙂


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