Virginia Beach Sessions 

  (sorry the wrap is actually facing the down, i’ll post the front face with the crystal report! )
The glorious north end beach. It wasn’t crowded, I found a free parking spot open which was miraculous on a Friday. And I decided to meditate with my crystals and my circle. I came to see how much I would miss this. The earths end, tide cycles, moon lite waters of night. Hoopin made me very optimistic for richmond though. I’m praying I find some new humans that I feel comfortable around, same for my love but he’s very like able.

Amethyst citrine and ruby zoisite ✨the wrap is by Ethereal wraps and the ruby zoisite bracelet is something I made quickly so I could wear the stone close.  After the session in Savasana I decided to hoop to the tides, I mess up a few times, but no ones perfect and this was just some raw practice. Enjoy!


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