Seeking Spirit in America

From age 0-4 I attended a baptist church, then we my family relocated we began to go to a christian church. Then in my 8th grade year I was baptized then diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 3 months later. Clearly that was not my path I was meant to go down. From then on it began to unravel and I began to realize the hypocrisy of western religions, and how America ties into it. The year after I began my freshman year of high school and was introduced to Yoga, Hinduism and veganism.

Since then I have studied Buddhism, Transcendentalism, Hinduism, Philosophy, and other metaphysical/esoteric subjects. I have strayed more toward Hinduism and Buddhism and have considered converted. The hesitation is just if I can live that kind of spiritual lifestyle while working a full time job, and staying in a very populated area of the east coast. All the while carrying a huge sensation to simply sell out, pack up, and head west.


I’ve finished the Series of Unfortunate Events, disregard the 5 & 6    

^^^^A very few handful of the books that are part of my studies^^^^^


I decided to stay on the east coast, working a part time job, paying an outrageous amount of bills, and selling everything through Depop & Etsy. Yet, I plan to keep my nose in the books, head in the trees, and feet bare in the earth. Winter is here and I tend to be more motivated because I don’t want the cold to defeat me. In the upcoming year, I will write like the wind, and study my heart out for the subjects that have shaped my values today. I will embrace my inner goddess, and push my body’s limits. I hope to fully devote myself and time to finding that purpose that we all seek.

Lately, I have been feeling a lack of connection. To the Earth, to my family, to my higher and spiritual self, and it’s because I’ve been distracted from them. I’m the reason that I’ve been distracted, and I haven’t done anything about it. I am the problem and solution. Sometimes there’s no need to move locations to find yourself. For me its better to get lost to be found.

Sometimes you are right where you are.

That’s what I intend to do. I am finding my voice again. Under this little roof, big things will happen.

Blessed Be Light Beings


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