How I Got off Pharmaceuticals – REAL DRUG FREE LIFE

When you get sick, what happens? You feel like shit, you got to the doctors, wait an hour or two, then go take drugs for about 10 days. in 2006 I had to take 32 pills a day for about two months. Why? To stay alive? No. To stifle my symptoms. To put band aids on something that needs 24 stitches. To make money off of my illness. It just didn’t work. So I found other ways to stitch myself up from the inside.


I have Ulcerative Colitis. On paper for insurance purposes, I have Crohn’s Disease. To everyone else, I have issues in my guts. I try to be funny about it, but to be perfectly honest its a very serious matter. I grew up with a typical American diet. 3 meals with snacks, refined sugar, fast food, and not enough water. I searched for alternatives to this cruel lifestyle that was forced upon me to keep me well and happy.


  1. Aloe Vera – in any form, I like it in juice form best because you can mix it in with tea, smoothies or just take a shot of it.
  2. Yoga – the fluid movements and motions help to massage my organs in a gentle manner at my own pace. And pranayama (controlled breath) helps with my state of mind
  3. Marijuana- There is no better anti-depressant, enough said

The main purpose of switching my diet from commercial & synthetic to raw, local & natural was just that. To get away from side effects and long term issues; get away from being treated with something tested on monkeys. <TANGENT: we’re not monkeys, different subjects = different results thats what happens. It such a shame that in this world we allow things like that to happen> I wanted to be natural. Thats what we are and that’s how I want to live.


The other main ingredients are self discipline and knowledge of your own body. If you’re thinking about stopping all the pills and drugs administered by the drug pushers of our government then I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO STUDY YOURSELF AND YOUR SYMPTOMS. I had to experiment with myself for a couple of months to see what really helped. I cut out a lot of things such as CARAGEENAN, which effected my body tremendously. I went through licorice root tea and other herbal remedies, raw diets, veganism, juicing, gluten free, no raw foods, BRAT, GAPS, and many other trials. What works for me may not work for you. Understanding what you have wrong and the best solution cannot be found by some random third party doctor who thinks they knows your body because they studied ‘the body’ for 8 or so many years. EVERY-BODY IS DIFFERENT. Hey I was funny again!

Currently I am a Freegan who eats eggs because my protein levels are still low. I intake spirulina for my anemia, chia seeds for my joints and bones (sometimes tart cherry juice is also helpful),  and other foods such as quinoa, lentils, spinach, acai , coconut water, coconut, cashews & almonds in many forms, apricots, figs, and I EAT A BOAT LOAD OF RICE.

 ” Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food “


But in retrospect, I have kept myself out of a hospital longer than any doctor and their drugs have. And I did it all with the help of our earth mother.




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