The 2015 Roller Coaster

Far too many life changes have occurred this year. 

January-Quit my job at a local newspaper and my grandfather passed on

February- Started dating a boy I met online and left my parents house

March- Moved in with with my grandmother

April- Began a new job at H&M and at a Harris Teeter Starbucks

May-Quit my Starbucks job and won Employee of the Month at H&M for the first time in my life

June- Lived another year (22) and stopped eating meat again

July-Transferred to a new location in a new city for my job

August-Decided to move in with my boyfriend

September-Went full time at H&M, moved to Richmond and settled into a studio with my love

October-Quit my job at H&M and my great aunt died

November- Starting working nights, got tonsillitis twice, and quit working nights

December-Went flat broke, in the negatives, began working at a consignment store, and I found my voice again

I started writing my book again, and blogging for the first time in a very long time. I tried to write this year, I tried too hard and it just felt forced. So I put it on pause and waited for inspiration to arise. After the solstice, something sparked in me again. Like my new year began that night. I’m not sure, but in retrospect it was a fucking good year. I fell in the most real love I’ve ever experienced. I finally have my own place again. I’m still creating art and selling vintage clothes, keeping it green.


But there are some goals I’d like to accomplish by this time next year.

  1. Compost again! I used to do it at my mothers and my grandmothers, I guess not having a yard has unmotivated me.
  2. Yoga Every Damn Day! I sporadically did yoga this year, which was a mistake because I’m out of shape. I hope to join a studio to get me out of the house and hopefully lower my anxieties.
  3. Write Once a Week! At the least, I want to blog and post at least photos everyday or once a week.
  4. PHOTOGRAPH MORE! I got black and white film and a lomography camera for christmas, so that’s about to happen again.
  5. Be Able to do a Free Standing Handstand! I still need the wall but with each day I get a little stronger and a little more balanced.
  6. Not Have any Dreads Again! I have no patience. I’ve had them twice and would like to do without. I don’t feel like me with them.
  7. GO TO CANADA! After this lease is up in September, I’m hoping to head to Maine, stop by Canada, and head to Oregon with a boy from the internet 😉
  8. FIRE HOOP MORE FREQUENTLY! I have the resources just not the space. It will happen.







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