The Last of the Dream Logs

7:07pm Saturday Waxing Crescent

I’ve decided to post (tomorrow) all the dreams from the last days of 2015. Usually, I’m very picky about which dreams I make public because I like to have a full analysis and to have spent time with this dream; reminiscing, pondering, interpreting. However I have lost all touch with this blog (sadly) and what’s become of it. Apparently everyone else feels the same way because it doesn’t get as much traffic any more. Back to the point, dream reading and analysis were once a very huge portion of my life and studies, but now it’s just something I remember in the morning and simply let go of by the end of the day. Like I said, I’m out of touch.



Our dreams, in my personal experience, are our own messages to ourselves.

If that made any sense at all skip this paragraph. If it didn’t make sense allow me to make that less confusing. All beings have intuition; when we tell ourselves things. Convince and compel ourselves. Tempt and trust. Dreams are basically what we tell ourselves unconsciously. Parallel to the inner monologue and thoughts of the waking hours. Except they seem random and unrelated to our waking life, so they are ignored most of the time. Just another weird dream..

During our waking hours it’s (the spirit bringing about our energy to be able to think and dream etc.) our inner monologue of roaming thoughts. The little voice that doesn’t go away. Instead it turns into pictures and random, memory-like videos when we sleep. So if we over analyze our selves, thoughts, and situations when we are awake, then WHY do we not over analyze the thoughts, situations, and feelings one gets from dreams, nightmares, lucidity, and other astral-ethereal experience?

Well I decided to do just that. Mostly because I’ve had too many odd experiences with dreams to not dive deeper into their meanings and causes, etc. I used to sleep walk and talk to the point where it was a concern. So when a book called Conscious Dreaming by Robert Moss fell into my life, I have been publishing my personal dreams and analysis of their symbology for a couple months now. Maybe a year? I’m not sure, nevertheless I plan to continue this and attune myself once again to this skill.

Dreams are 1/3 of our life. Whether we remember them our not (we don’t remember our infant hood but it’s still a meaningful time of our life). We should really get to know ourselves a little better.




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