Capitalizing Joy

When I was off traveling, living the gypsy american dream, I began selling my art for money. What a trade, travels and gas money for a simple skill that I loved, sounded like a good deal at the time. I kept up with it after I came back home and was blessed enough to consign my art in a local pagan shop and am currently in a local gypsy store. However, when you choose to make a small business out of your passion, it can either be extremely successful or suck all the purity out of it.

Weaving dream catchers has been an excellent therapy for me since I began in 2007. I recently attempted to make a full fledged business out of it, and it started off in a good uphill swing, but after i took on a second job waiting tables (awesome & shitty) it became too much for me. It became a third job for me. More paperwork and records to keep track of. Later down the road I could potentially keep up with all of it, but for now, with no experience, time, or resources, its too much to take on. Its unfortunate, and its saddening, but I think it’s the best choice. I’m going to close up shop on Etsy and probably just keep consigning with local shops and give them as gifts. I would just rather keep it as a pocket skill and a form of art therapy.

Its all for the best. Hopefully, in time I’ll reopen shop and it will have more of my time and energy and focus. I suppose now just isn’t the time.



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