Balance By Day

So I began blogging in 2010. I was 17 and was attending high school, doing typical teenage shit. Ranting about boys and the bogus days I had at work. I soon thereafter abandoned that blog never to look back. I googled my old pseudonym Tayler Vee to show a co worker my ‘scene’ phase I went through. Sure enough I stumbled upon some past self portraits and it led me back to this blog. CLICK TO TIME TRAVEL . I read a couple posts and saw this old poem I wrote.

Flying the blue jay way,
Is the way to go.
But what can i say?
Its more a high than a low.

Theres fire in the arcade tonight,
I almost cant bare to look,
Its just shining so bright.
Although thats not the hook.

The hook is a sequel,
To the things we all see.
It is the people.
It is we.

We dream and we ponder
About things that surround us.
Some days its somber.
Everything is just.

Just there,
Just next to them,
Just where?
Just a precious gem.


Its really not that impressive, but it’s just funny to me how much time can change us. And how much it really doesn’t change us yet adds to who we are and builds from there.

It made me think back to why the hell I even started a blog? Why did I start writing/blogging? I used to make youtube videos and just talk about how I feel, but I suppose I just realized how much more releasing it is to not say a damn word and let your fingers tap away in a perfect muscle memory of rhythm.

I started over new with this blog and it’s transmuted a couple times, but I think i’ve lost sight of why I write. I write to get out what doesn’t make it from my head to my tongue without it going through road blocks, taking a detour, then crashing because I was looking to hard at the GPS. Talking used to get me into trouble, I loved and hated that I talked so much. Now it’s part of my job and I’m used to controlling my word vomit. With blogging, I can just go full on diarrhea  and no one cares. Because I don’t give a fuck if anyone hears me or reads this. It’s all a stream of consciousness to make space in my over crowded noggin.

I aspire to write about what I love. Nature, music, philosophy, and the range of hippies that wander america anonymous and unknown.

I can’t wait to be on the road again, get rid of all my useless material bullshit, and find my natural muse for writing. Things got so back words when I moved to richmond. I feel like it stole my voice. I’m determined to find it again.











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