A Matter of Existence

A Matter of Existence


At some point or another in childhood or further down our life path, we realize our selves. We realize that we exist; that we are. Maybe because we think, maybe because we feel, either theory compels us to dive deeper into our conscious ocean. When we choose to seek spirit and our deeper purpose, there is a period of what some claim to be “spiritual darkness”. Which is a time of ambiguous almost helplessness, and we feel as if we aren’t ever going to achieve our seemingly impossible goal. I have been in this period for three years, and some days it sound easier to simply leave it all behind and pass on to the next life. However there are still those inner voices we listen to that lick our wounds and remind us that healing is a process. Indeed, no one can rush healing.

I am. Once this thought surfaces, all we focus on is what comes after. Literally, what comes after us and what comes after the statement itself. We fill in the blanks and state I am a teenager, I am a banker, I am a stoner, I am rich, I am beautiful, I am special. These are all just adjectives used in the English language. We in the western hemisphere can’t seem to leave that phrase alone. Leave it where it is meant to stop. I AM.

As the cliche idiom goes, it’s not what you do, but how you do it. It’s overused and sappy, but accurate.


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